Get your denims and leathers on for the finest exponents of classic hard rock in Norfolk, if not the entire East of England. From AC/DC to ZZTop, Black Sabbath to Deep Purple, the Stones to the Faces, we cover the waterfront for an evening of wall-to-wall, heads-down, no-nonsense good time rock'n'roll. The kind that your Dad told you to turn down when you were a teenager. Stealer is available for parties, gigs, festivals, knees-ups, happenings, rave-ups, orgies, barmitzvahs and witches' sabbaths: contact us by email; by phone or text on 07595 547911; or on Facebook. Follow the band on Twitter @StealerClassicR


Kevin Anniss - bass guitar
Mr Anniss, who has X-ray vision (he insisted we included this selfie), plays Yamaha BB300, Peavey Grind, Washburn XS5 5-string and RMS 6-string bass guitars. He makes these much louder with a Hartke HA4000 400-watt head feeding 4x10 and 1x15 cabs. He tunes up with a Behringer tuner and on the floor there's  a Zoom 3000 bass effects processor that can crush hamsters at fifty yards (Gary excepted) and destroys all organic life placed within a ten-centimetre radius.

Henry Gee - keyboards
Henry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene. He's got a daytime job - he's doing all right. He can play the Hammond organ like anything: saving it up for Friday nights. The Hammond is an XK1, augmented by a Korg TR61 workstation, a Carlsbro 90W combo, and, digging into the toybox, a Ringworm ring modulator.

Craig Humphrey- drums
The electronically operated Mr Humphrey (batteries not included) loves all things Zep. He uses Ludwig Club Date and Tama Starclassic drums, a Ludwig 402 snare, Remo heads, ProMark sticks, Protection Racket cases, Peavey drum mics and Paiste 2002 cymbals comprising 15" sound-edge hi-hats, 17" crash, 19" crash, 22" power ride and a 16" chinese. This is the upside-down one that sounds like a bag of spanners crashing at speed into a pile of dustbin lids. All he needs now is a gong.  

Gary Smith - lead guitar  
Even though he's only a very small hamster, Mr Smith knows the chords of practically every rock song ever recorded. On stage he uses a Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads and a Fender Strat with Fender Gold-Top pickups,  a Boss TU2 tuner, an Ibanez Tube Screamer, a Cornell booster, a BossDD7 delay, a Bad Horsie Wah, a Superpet hamster wheel with silent spinner and a Marshall DSL40C combo. His favourite guitarist is Jimi Hendrix. "That rodent's got a vicious streak a mile wide!" he squeaked. "Somebody like him only comes along once in a lifetime." He also rates Jeff Beck ("the guitarist's guitarist"), Brian May and Peter Green. His favourite bands are Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Queen, Free, Thin Lizzy and the Hamsters. He uses Ernie Ball strings and is partial to monkey nuts.

[Your Name Here?]- lead vocals
Stealer is currently embarrassed by the lack of a lead vocalist. We have tried and tried to find one, and although many people - some now our friends! - have stepped up to the plate, they either didn't have that special something, or the ups and downs of life got in the way, or both. Could it be you?