Thursday, November 6, 2014

Down To Earth

While you were all outside lighting sparklers and setting off rockets, the new line-up - complete with singer Iain - got down to work at the Secret Location, bashing out the bones of no fewer than five new numbers. 

We have a lot to get through as we've given the old set a thorough clean-out. Many of the old stalwarts have been put back in the toy cupboard and we're going to be trying out a whole raft of new tunes.

I shouldn't really tell you what we were working on, but as you asked so nicely, they were 'Empty Rooms' (Gary Moore), 'All The Way From Memphis' (Mott The Hoople), 'You Better You Bet' (The Who), 'Nothing Else Matters' (Metallica) and 'Turn It On Again' (Genesis). As we were packing up, Gary, Craig and Kevin jammed on 'Day Of The Eagle' (Robin Trower), so we'll fling that one in, too.

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