Sunday, July 6, 2014

Highway Hunters

What a party that was. The Highway Hunters Motorcycle Club 12th Annual Party, I mean, held over three whole days (count 'em) at the Greyhound pub (and fields adjacent) in Tibenham, which is as close to the middle of nowhere as you'll find in Norfolk (and that's saying something, if you know Norfolk.) We were the main entertainment on Saturday (yesterday, that is) and here are some happy snaps of the occasion.

The snaps of two men clad in leathers and lime-green mankinis traveling around the site on a mobility scooter have been censored for reasons of taste (but mainly I couldn't get a good shot…)

Thanks to Anita and everyone else at Highway Hunters for a great event!

Video clips are currently being posted as a playlist on our YouTube channel.

flower power - still alive in Norfolk

This is the way to travel

Paul appears to have something trapped in his beard.

The Excitement at Highway Hunters was In Tents

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