Thursday, May 1, 2014

Would You Like Stealer Round Your Parts?

For the past few years Stealer has been playing in much the same corner of the world.

As corners of the world go, it's very nice.

We like it.

But we'd quite like to see some other corners.

So, if you'd like Stealer to come to your particular corner of the world - corners too far away for any band member to casually drop in - would you care to lobby your local music venue for us?

We're happy to play anywhere in the Eastern Region of England, broadly defined. Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Herts, Beds, Northants, Lincs. You get the idea.

To help you, we're happy to send you a few of our shiny business cards (pictured), which you can offer to venues, urging them to contact us.

Just drop us an email with your address and we'll get them round your parts.


  1. Trust me - it's worth it
    >>>Mark Rat<<<

  2. Thank you Mr Rat. The cheque is in the post.


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