Saturday, May 31, 2014

Night of the Unicorn

Our date at the Unicorn in Aylsham was a smash. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great night - honorable mentions to Denise, Trevor and Paul (you are stars); Phil and Lynne; Rachel and Roo and the gang from Roadkill; and landlord Martin, who clearly likes the same music we do.

You can listen to a few tracks from the gig here.

We'll be back at the Unicorn on 17 October and we're already looking forward to it.

This picture shows what it meant to us …


On a more musical note (A-flat), Craig had a couple of new additions to his dazzling array of very shiny cymbals, one of which was this:


No, kids, it's not upside down - it's supposed to be like that. It's called a Chinese cymbal and when struck goes … well, think of up-market dustbin lid.

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