Friday, May 9, 2014

Ch-ch-ch Changes

Oh noes! Paul Noon, Stealer's lead vocalist for the past two years - will be leaving the band in July.

It's hard not to be sad, given how much he's given to the band. If we weren't big and tough, we might cry.

Oh, heck, let's cry anyway.

(Sniffle. Sob.)

That's better. But the show, as they say, must go on. The quest for the Big Man's replacement starts here. But who could it be? Who could possibly replace Paul's titanic and terrifically towering tonsils?

Perhaps you know someone who could fit the bill? Hang on, it could even be you. If it is, try the following short quiz:

1. Do you happen to have the kind of voice that's powerful enough to register on the Richter Scale, and can go high enough to confuse passing bats? You do?

2. Do you have the kind of personality that would make most fire-breathing dragons want to stay at home in bed; make David Coverdale plead the 'eadaches and have Gene Simmons run sobbing to the lavatory? You have?

3. Are you totally committed to the Gods of 100% Classic Rock? You are?

That's brilliant! You scored three out of a perfect pair three! You could be Stealer's next lead singer!

Don't delay! Drop us a line right away!

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