Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stealer Sound and Vision

We've been told by some of our audience (mentioning no names, Gee Harliquin and Debbie Ruskin) that our audio and video page has actually attracted them to coming and seeing us play live. We like to hear things like that, and to that end we've been dusting off our video and audio archive.

On our Performance Page you can hear Stealer's 5-track demo, recorded at Ashwood Studios in Norwich; listen to more than two whole hours of live Stealer, recorded at various gigs; and watch archive footage of Stealer at the Mk II line-up's first gig, at Tracks@The Railway in North Elmham on 5 May 2012.

We hope that if you are a venue, or someone organising a party or event, this page will help you decide to book the band (you can do this through the contacts page) - or, if you are a punter starved of genuine good old-fashioned classic rock, you'll be tempted to come to one of our gigs. Although we generally play in north Norfolk, we are always happy to consider playing further afield. All you need to do is ask.

We're also very happy for people to tape, photograph or video us - just go ahead - but please consider submitting your material to us so we can post it here. We shall of course give full attribution.


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