Sunday, April 20, 2014


The band has been a bit quiet for a while. First there was Craig's birthday. Happy birthday Craig! Then Henry went to Canada to see if he could become a lumberjack. Chopping down trees, eating his lunch, and going to the lavatory all worked out fine, but he couldn't quite cope with the transvestitism. High heels and a basque are not the right things to wear when felling a 300-foot giant sequoia. So he came home. The band is playing a private party on 3rd May and will be fully exposed to public view on the 10th May at a new venue for us - the Trowel and Hammer in Norwich. Meanwhile, if you're desperate for a fix of Stealer, visit our audio page where you can hear our 5-track demo - recorded at Ashwood Studios in Norwich - and also listen to more than two hours of Stealer in all its live and sweaty glory. Which should be quite enough for anybody.

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