Sunday, May 19, 2013

From Dr Gee's Diary

What a night that was! First, I went to play a concert with Stealer, the beat combo in which I am the organist, at a relaxed and friendly country pub where we usually count ourselves lucky to get two men and a dog, one of the men being deaf and the dog rather small. What with the Eurovision song contest on at the same time, we thought that one man and the dog would have stayed at home. How wrong we were! It seems that people would rather see live music than learn that Royaume-Uni has nulle points, and the place was heaving. Heavens to Betsy, there was some foot-tapping, which graduated to mild gyration and moderate boogying, and at times some all-out frugging. Got home just after 2, looking forward to watching the latest instalment of Dr Who on the old iPlayer. It was the season finale, and it was a belter, full of amazing surprises, especially the one at the end, which I shan't reveal in case you haven't seen it yet. Got to bed 3.07. Phew!

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