Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Salhouse In The Spring

Thanks to the good offices of our friend Maddie Bell from the Eastern Gig'n'Grub Guide, Stealer will be playing at the NOTAS annual charity motorcycle run and after party on Saturday 6 April 2013 at the Salhouse Lodge, Vicarage Road, Salhouse, Norwich NR13 6HD. The charity is C. A. L. M., the Campaign Against Living Miserably - whose aim is to keep young men from committing suicide. And NOTAS? That's an informal group of bikers with no organization or political stance, which exists to promote the fellowship of bikers. Their motto is 'Ride Safe, Ride Free, and Whose Round Is It?' which in Latin is probably something like Perequito Cum Incolumitas, Perequito Cum Libertas, Qui Possit Emi Cervisia? If this is wrong, and it's really Romani Ite Domum, then don't blame me, blame Google Translate.

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