Saturday, June 30, 2012

Live - from the Brickmakers

On 28 June the Majesty and Mystery that is Stealer enjoyed the hospitality of the Brickmakers in Norwich. You can listen to some of it here. While you are enjoying that, you might wish to peruse a selection of images kindly supplied by Il Maestro Pietro Di Suttoni and his Box Brownie.
IMG_0008IMG_0013 IMG_0011 IMG_0018 IMG_0020 IMG_0075 IMG_0070 IMG_0054 IMG_0045 IMG_0024 IMG_0033


  1. Obviously glad to see a fellow drummer on a Tama kit. Bravo, &c.

    But, and I say this with love in my heart, where are the photos of the fingermeister?! All those keyboards, all that talent and yet all we see is a glimpse of a well turned calf and a hat, albeit juxtaposed at opposite ends of...something...someone...a keyboard player?

  2. Keyboard players should be heard and not seen. Just sayin'.


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