Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yet More from the Secret Location

Stealer is getting into the swing of rehearsing the new set. With barely three months to go before relaunch (see gig list to the right of this post) the band has accomplished much - but there is still much to be done, much to learn.

After a few weeks of low-key rehearsal in Paul's garage, the band is starting to bring in all the kit at the Secret Location, so that - eventually - it'll be able to rehearse the new show exactly as you'll see it in May.

Here, for example, is our man Gary sorting out his sound. He's got so many foot pedals he doesn't know which one to stomp on first. Next time Gary will bring the Orange combo he'll use on stage.

Meanwhile here's Kevin reacquainting himself with his Washburn 5-string active bass, after a comprehensive rewiring job by Craig.

Et finalement, a panoramic shot (below) of Henry's keyboard rig. And, in case you were wondering, that is an iPad, running [GEEK ALERT!] the Korg iMS20, a digital recreation in software of the celebrated Korg MS20 analog synth. Fed through the mixer and into a pair of Carlsbro 90W amps, with filters swept back to show all their teeth, low sawtooth drones come out in all their classic 1970s glory. The keyboard rig is about to get further ... er ... enhancements, so watch this space.

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