Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stealer Setlist

We're currently having a friendly wrestle about songs we could put in the set. Henry's suggestion that we could whittle down everything to just four very long songs (2112, Supper's Ready, Stargazer and Space Truckin') with an even longer encore (more or less anything by Transatlantic) was politely ignored. Though, to be fair, Gary knows Stargazer. But then Gary knows everything.

So, after the last rehearsal, we all went home with a long list of possibles combined from the suggestions of everyone in the band. But do you folks out there in Stealerland have any special requests? Now's yer chance to contribute song ideas to our set - just email suggestions here. We can't guarantee we'll use them, but all suggestions will be gratefully received and duly mulled over next time we meet at our Secret Location. Be sensible, now.